The Floor Is Yours: Inclusive DJ Workshops

Rhythm Sister is a DJ collective and community which encourages females/ female identified people to get into music. We run and curate our own unisex parties and play out at venues and festivals. We give people a platform to show their skills and learn from established artists. 

We also offer free Mix Sessions to swap music and help people learn or improve their DJ skills. Our music style is mainly underground house/disco/techno from across the world.

For our Summer Series, we invited down a selection of really exciting up-and-coming talent as well established DJs who are veterans in the game to teach at our The Floor Is Yours workshops.

This series featured an eclectic mix of guest tutors; OK Williams, GiGi FM, Jaye Ward and Jordss. We plan to continue with this high calibre of teachers for our Winter Warmer series.  

This series we also tried to focus on inviting guests that play genres other than electronic dance music. This time around we invited the Queen of RnB edits Jordss – the class was a big hit and we aim to focus on an alternative genre each month. 

Safe space for women

We aim for the lesson to be a space for female-identified/genderqueer people to feel safe and comfortable, and to create a learning environment where one can thrive because they dont feel the pressure of judgement.

We have had great feedback from so many of the people that have come to the lesson, particularly at Pop as the space feels quite private and intimate yet has the feel of a venue.

It’s really rewarding to help create a place where people can feel at ease while learning.

Eliza Rose 


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