Step Inside: Convey

Step Inside is a series of short films and interviews that tell the story of some of our talented members at Pop Brixton. Behind the food stalls and bars, there’s a thriving community of start-ups and independent businesses. ‘Step Inside’ is an exclusive peek behind the scenes to meet the people that make Pop Brixton and to take a look inside their units.

Conversation with Wasim, a Senior Designer at Convey, a design studio based in Pop Brixton.

How was Convey born? 

Arberor, the Creative Director, was freelancing from home after graduating. I studied Architecture in University and I kind of veered into Graphic Design. I joined him in his living room doing design work and it led on from there.

Why did you switch from Architecture to Graphic Design? 

It wasn’t intentional at the time, I met Abra and did bits of work while looking for other work, I found Graphic Design was pretty cool and I kind of found a new home in it. In design you can always transfer your skills over. 

Where was Convey based before moving to Pop Brixton? 

We were in a business centre down Effra Road for a good four years but we wanted somewhere more exciting. We came across Pop Brixton and loved the idea of working in a container. The community, the food, there’s so many reasons. It’s right in the thick of it, the centre of Brixton, so it was a great transition.  

What’s your favourite thing about what you do? 

When a simple brief or word document comes through and we make it bigger and better than they ever thought it would be, that’s the most satisfying thing. People say we exceeded their expectations because we’ve gone through the brief as a team and made it as good as it could possibly be. We’re a team of about ten but we’re all designers, there’s no crazy hierarchy. 

Your container is really cool, did you guys design and make it? 

We did yeah, it was a crazy process, when we moved in we thought we should keep it plain or go all out and as you can see we went all out. With it being such a long space, we wanted to divide it into sections and it helps with spacing, everyone has their own favourite section. 

What are Convey’s plans for the future? 

To keep doing what we’re doing. We’d like to branch out and reach more people, do more diverse types of work, more of it, bigger and better. We’d like work more locally with the local community in Brixton and that’s a good thing about being in Pop Brixton, they have those links with the community. 

Do you have tips for someone starting their own company? 

We’re still working it out. This is cliché advice but just keep at it and keep honing your skills. A lot of people think success happens overnight but it doesn’t. What you see here is still a work in progress and it’s the result of a lot of hard work and dedication. If you have the passion for it and you couple that with hard work, that’s a recipe for any success. 

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