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A new take on traditional Vietnamese dishes

As an independent startup with a small budget, Viet Box started their project with little more than a love for delicious Vietnamese food and culinary experience. Food is their passion, and Viet Box is their way of sharing that passion with London.
Viet Box was started by three highly creative and passionate individuals.

Raph brings his cooking technics to Viet box menu. He is a graduate of France’s highly respected Francois Rabelais culinary school. His work as a private chef has taken him around the world, while his professional career has brought him to such restaurants as Michelin Stars and Rosette. His expertise in culinary match-ups enables him to bring a fresh take on Vietnamese foods via the Viet Box.

The other two experts behind Viet Box are Aurora and Jamal. They add to Viet Box menu their creativity and inspiration. Both have a deep-seated passion for Vietnamese foods as they both are native French citizens. They grew up eating delicious and authentic Vietnamese foods. Travelling a lot in Asia, they develop a passion for Asian cuisine. They bring that same passion and tastes to their brand new restaurant.

The concept of Viet Box is simple: to bring a new and exciting take on traditional Vietnamese culinary dishes. Each recipe on their menu is inspired by travel and the cultures they have contacted throughout these travels. In other words, this isn’t your average Vietnamese restaurant. It is a modern and profoundly unique restaurant that promises and delivers exceptionally delectable dishes that you won’t be able forget about.

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