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If you’re looking for real Sri Lankan food, look no further than Singhé Kitchen. 

A lockdown dream turned reality, Anne the founder began delivering mouth-watering dishes to her neighbours in Lambeth and the feedback she received was incredible!  Coming from generations of Sri Lankan cooks and chefs; Anne has learnt from the very best. Her combination of traditional spices means her dishes taste truly traditional.

Every single element of the dishes is prepared and cooked at Singhé Kitchen using the freshest ingredients. 

The infamous Kothu is cooked the classic way - chopped straight on the griddle. You’ll probably hear it before you see it! 

 Kothu is Sri Lanka’s most popular street food. It’s made from diced roti cooked in fragrant curry, the roti is then fried with spices, scrambled egg and vegetables along with your choice of marinated meat, prawns or tofu. 

 We are personally a bit obsessed with the Cutlets too which are completely packed with flavour. They’re the perfect nibble for the table!

One thing is for sure, Anne’s food has flavour, it’s time to let Singhé Kitchen transport you to Sri Lanka, bite after bite.

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