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Socially good pizza

Socially Good Pizza.

Share A Slice is Pop Brixton’s newest social enterprise, looking to combat hunger, a major symptom of homelessness and the growing poverty population in London. Operating on a one for one model, for every Pizza brought by the customer they make and donate one to those in need via their weekly food drives and charity partners. By simply buying your lunch or dinner from Share A Slice you are helping feed someone else with a meal of their own, at no extra cost. 

The founders went about developing a business model to tackle this issue, after a chance conversation with a homeless man outside Old Street tube station revealed that there is insufficient availability of hot food for this community. 

Following this, they packed their bags and decided to fly out to Naples and spend time learning the true art of making authentic Neapolitan Pizza before hitting the street food markets across London in their converted horse cart trailer, aptly named the Mona Pizza.

Share A Slices founders, trained at Pizzeria La Notizia under the watchful eye of Master Pizzaiolo, Enzo Coccia, where they learnt and developed techniques essential to produce fresh and classic flavours, which they now combine with contemporary twists. Their dough is left to rise for over 24hrs to provide a light and soft taste, using fresh Italian ingredients to bring a flavour of Naples to London. 

To date, Share A Slice, have donated just under 1000 pizzas to those in need and are always looking for new partners to work with to help tackle a fast-growing problem.

Eating Pizza has never felt so good! 

Photography by Bites Of Brixton, www.instagram.com/bitesofbrixton.

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