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Crêpes, Galettes, Waffles and Croque Monsieur!

It all started in 2014 when Mr Crêpes and Mr Croque met on a really quiet and pretty boring market. Plenty of time to talk and exchange food for lunch they decided to gather their know how and experience to create "L’Amuse Bouche".

Through that fusion this new street food business combine some of the French’s favourite snacks… Crêpes, Galettes (gluten free), Waffles and Croque Monsieur!

Their Start up aim to offer a hearty lunch experience, cooking in front of the customers some scrumptious and cheesy French treats using traditional recipes and carefully sourced ingredients as their award winning smoked ham. Cheeses (imported and always perfectly melted) play an important part in their creations such as “the Goaty” (red onion chutney, goat cheese, baby spinach and plum tomatoes) or “the Raclette” (ham, raclette cheese, mushrooms, mustard sauce and rocket salad).

Proposing as well a good variety of sweet Crêpes any tooth would be keen to meet them anytime on one of their market across London. As part of Shepherds Markets you can find them in several amazing locations such as Piccadilly, St Paul's, Canary Wharf...

In June 2015, "L'Amuse Bouche" has opened a small unit @PopBrixton where you can find their dishes everyday of the week.

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