Specialist Cellars is a premium wine retailer with an unparalleled collection of New World wine.

Specialist Cellars curates the harder-to-find, best of, new release and most delicious New World wines all in one place for the UK market and is the culmination of both the extensive wine catalogues of The New Zealand Cellar and The Australian Cellar, with other territories and producers joining our invigorating list of wines all the time.

We host all kinds of different wine-related events at both our Pop Brixton store and The Laundry, bringing you the latest news, tastings and expert opinions of our amazing partners and producers from all around the world.  We are available for guided in-home and in-office tastings too, and of course for your personal and corporate party requirements and gifting needs – basically we’re happy to help with anything wine-related – we’re obsessed!

Our mission is to make great New World wine accessible, affordable, less mysterious and an experience … 

We invite you to explore our New World of wines, visit us in person, learn something dinner-party-humble-brag-worthy from our online blogs, easily find your favourites to stock up on or come to an event to discover new favourites.  

The Story

The New Zealand Cellar came to be after Melanie (director) woke up one day having decided that she wanted to open a New Zealand wine shop. Firstly the online shop was opened and then the opportunity to become part of Pop Brixton arose. Melanie immediately began a Crowdfunding campaign and had overwhelming support, meeting her target within five days. On May 29th 2015 The New Zealand Cellar wine bar at Pop Brixton opened and we became part of an amazing family of food and drink retailers.

We could not have asked for a better spot for our shop and hope to be part of the Pop team for a long time to come. We would love to also get another retail space but time will tell!

The People

We are a small and dedicated team of predominantly Kiwis (and the odd Aussie) who all share a passion for New World wines. We are proud of what our country produces and want to ensure that those based here in the UK have access to New World wine and the wonderful stories it tells.

Opening Times

Please email info@popbrixton.com to find out the latest opening hours.


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