Advice on any IT related issue

KHK is a small startup created by three Africans; Ghanaian, Ethiopian and Kenyan Indian.

They have all worked in the charity sector at some point in their lives, especifically in the field of ICT4D (ICT for Development) and the Arts in the UK. The company wants to try and redistribute refurbished IT equipment to schools and other organisations either for free or at cost. This will be primarily funded by commercial sales of high specification computer hardware and their support services.

Between the three of them, they have a vast set of skills ranging from IT hardware refurbishment/repair, to consultancy, to implementing IT, Audio Visual and software solutions and it is this skill they would love to offer to residents of POP Brixton and the local community for free.

Further down the road they would like to implement a similar model in Africa.

Anyone wanting advice on any IT related issues/questions can email them at and they will try and help.

Opening Times

Please email to find out the latest opening hours.


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