The UK’s first 100% plant-based bleeding burger joint at Pop Brixton

The world’s first bleeding plant-based burger joint is to open its doors at POP Brixton. Halo Burger describes itself as “a new spin on fast food, pairing a nostalgic experience with good vibes and great tunes.” 

It is also, according to a statement, the only restaurant in the world to “specialise” in the Beyond Burger: the burger made entirely from plants that “looks, cooks, tastes — and ‘bleeds’ — like a fresh beef burger.” Halo’s team spent over 18 months developing “a secret seasoning” to complement the Beyond Burger, which involved multiple tastings in both California and London. 

Every item on Halo Burger’s menu is made from plants (vegan). 

That menu includes: The Halo burger, quarter pounder with cheese, cheeseburger, hamburger and pink salt fries (the Himalayan salt here, described by Halo as an “elevated ingredient,” contains an astonishing 82 trace minerals.)

Their signature ‘The Halo Burger’ sees two 1/8 lb hand-formed patties layered with old school diced white onion, melted 100% plant-based American style cheese, a juicy slice of beef tomato, crisp lettuce and tangy signature house-made sauce — this is 

No stranger to buzz words and marketing slogans (“vegan like you’ve never seen before”), Halo arrives with the following pledge: “Everything at Halo Burger is created to do better, be better and taste better.”

It is also not “here to be the next health fad, it’s here to give you what you crave, help you reduce your impact on the planet all while still fuelling your passion for great tasting food all at an affordable price.”

Opening Times

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