A Pop Brixton-based barbershop, launched in 2020.

Born in a year that no one will ever want to remember, with a name that can’t be forgotten, we are Curfew Grooming – a Pop Brixton-based barbershop, launched in 2020. 

Our design is inspired by an artistic and architectural movement called ‘Brutalism’. A style that represents a simplicity and honesty of materials. Design that’s driven by heavy angles, clean lines, gradient and contrast. Just like the creativity seen in barbering. And we love it.

Our ethos is to look out for our local community, and like you, we believe there are lots of things that need to change right now…even if we do have to ruffle a few feathers.

Curfew Grooming. Made of 2020. 

Opening Times

Please email info@popbrixton.com to find out the latest opening hours.


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