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Power of Play - Online Event


Play is not the opposite of work! Learn about the history of play and the benefits and practical ways we can build it into our lives at home and at work, which could help us live a healthier, longer, more fruitful life.

“Play is the stick that stirs the drink. It is the basis of all art, games, books, sports, movies, fashion, fun, and wonder—in short, the basis of what we think of as civilization. Play is the vital essence of life. It is what makes life lively.”
― Stuart M. Brown 

It's a Playground Founder Laura Rigden, will guide you through this interactive, face to face workshop, which will be a playful blend of activities, videos and discussion covering the following:

· Learn about the history and science of play

· Explore why we play and what play means to us

· Unlocking the power of play and discovering our own play personalities

· How can we use play to enhance performance, mental fitness and to help us live our best lives

This workshop provides a unique opportunity to connect with your teammates in a fun, vibrant learning environment. All attendees will receive a shareable handout and additional tools and resources on the topic.