Is Pop Brixton currently open to the public?

Yes, Pop Brixton and all our food, drink and retail Members are open to the public. We offer table service for groups of up to 6 people if you want to join us for food and drink. If you want to visit our retail Members, simply let security know on arrival and you can skip the queue. We ask that you wear a mask when walking around site and provide contact details on arrival as part of the test and trace safety measures. 

What are the opening times?

Monday: 9.00 – 23:00

Tuesday: 9.00 – 23:00

Wednesday: 9.00 – 23:00

Thursday: 9.00 – 00:00

Friday: 9.00 – 00:00

Saturday: 9.00 – 00:00

Sunday: 9.00 – 23:00

Do I need to book?

No, we are back to being a walk in only venue and are not taking any bookings. You can book a table directly with Only Food and Courses, Caribe, by visiting their respective websites. 

How will I order / collect food or drinks:

You can order from your phone by scanning QR code on your table. Once you’ve placed your order, our team will bring your order to your table. View the full menu here https://goodeats.io/popbrixton/all .

How did the project start?

The idea for Pop Brixton was born when Lambeth Council asked the community to propose ideas for the use of a disused plot of land near the centre of Brixton.

Local architect Carl Turner worked on a proposal that imagined a new community space, built with recycled shipping containers and reclaimed materials, that could support small business from the local area. Lambeth Council saw the potential in the project, and it was given the go ahead in November 2014.

Carl Turner sold his family home to seed fund the project, then partnered with property company The Collective, who invested the remaining money needed to create the site. After 6 months of construction, the project opened its doors on the 29th of May 2015. Pop Brixton has always been planned as a temporary project. The initial lease was offered until October 2017. This has now been extended to October 2018.

Who is behind Pop Brixton?

Pop Brixton Ltd is a company taking a new approach to how we use space in cities.

Pop Brixton was created to offer creative workspace and community facilities in a disused space in Brixton turning it into a cluster of workspaces for small businesses, artists and makers, including community event space, and food, drink and retail markets.

Pop Brixton has been delivered in partnership with Lambeth Council.

The design for Pop Brixton was developed by Carl Turner Architects.


How do you define ‘local’ members?

We prioritise membership applicaitons from local people, as we believe that supporting those who already live and work in the community is the best way to create a positive impact.

To determine locality we consider whether both the applicant’s home address, and the registered address of their business. Those who live in Brixton recieve the highest score, those who live in Lambeth are also prioritise.

We classify 70% of our members as local, as they live or previously ran their business in the borough of Lambeth.

How does Pop Brixton support the local economy?

Pop Brixton now supports a community of 53 independent businesses, 70% of which are from the local area.

It supports 405 jobs.

The project pays all its staff London Living Wage.

84% of member businesses also pay their staff London Living Wage, and 62% of their staff are from the local area.

Members purchase 49% of their good from the local area.

Through its Community Investment Scheme, each year the project offers more than 2,500 free hours of training, education and mentorship to local schools, individuals and organisations.

Will Pop Brixton’s pay the London Living Wage?

Pop Brixton pays its staff London Living Wage.

Member businesses are also strongly encouraged to pay London Living Wage, and 84% of the our current members do so.

How many jobs has Pop Brixton created?

Pop Brixton has created more than 200 jobs in the local area, and currently supports 405 jobs on the site.

Is there an age limit?

Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian at all times.

Under 18s are welcome at Pop until 9pm, unless you have a family booking at one of our restaurants.

What is Lambeth Council’s Involvement?

Lambeth Council kick-started the project, running a competition to submit ideas on what to
do with a plot of disused land that now forms the site of Pop Brixton.

Lambeth Council has also provided the land for the project, until at least October 2017, free
of charge. This is subject to the project delivering local benefits to the community.

Lambeth Council chairs the steering group that oversees the project.

Lambeth Council bore the cost of the various planning application fees, around £5k, plus
initial marketing costs, such as the launch event back in the summer of 2014, again around

As noted, the Council will share 50/50 in any profit with Pop Brixton and the project’s
finances are checked by a council accountant

How does Pop Brixton select its members?

The purpose of Pop Brixton is to provide affordable commercial space in a beneficial trading environment, to socially minded, independent businesses making a positive impact in their local community.

The site is now home to 53 small businesses working in retail, food, social enterprise, light manufacturing, the arts and the creative industries.

Members are selected based on a transparent selection criteria that scores them for:

– Quality of Business Plan

– Locality to the project

– Alignment to the project’s ethos of supporting the local community

– Commitment to participate in the Community Investment Scheme

Final selection also depends on curating a community of members that compliment each other and do not result in internal competition.

Are dogs allowed at Pop?

Yes, we are a dog friendly venue and you are welcome to bring your pup along with you. Please be considerate that we are primarily a food and drink venue, and not everyone loves dogs as much as us. We ask that you keep your dog on a lead and clear from public pathways when you are seated.

What happens to the profit Pop Brixton makes?

Any profit from the project will be split 50/50 between the Lambeth Council and Pop Brixton Ltd.

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